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Rock Experience


Excluding prodigious and individual moments that destiny can give us, loving our job (which is unfortunately a privilege that not many people have) is the best approximation of happiness on earth. Primo Levi said this, and who works for Rock Experience experiences this everyday, participating in the life of the company.

Trekking, trail running and slack line, free ride skiing and technical mountaineering, from climbing to an active dimension to the trip and the adventure: a concrete and lasting business of 4 million clothes produced each year for four seasons.

And the gasoline that makes this company work is not the duty, but the sincere interest in what you do, the love for the outdoors, the ability to feel the needs of the customer because those are also your needs: clothes created by runners for running, from free riders for free ride, by climbers for climbing. That's the power of Rock Experience. Our three keywords are: passion, experience and of course, rock!

Passion is what makes you get up in the morning with joy because you know that you're going to do something you like, in an environment that is close to you. Passion is what makes everything shake and vibrate… to rock and rock as a rock, symbol of nature and the outdoors, as well as life for climbers.

And then the experience, an expertise gained over the years in the production of technical clothing like 7TO7 for the creation of high quality products in terms of materials, design, construction and functionality.

But experience is also synonymous of adventure, action, the ability to put yourself to the test… The meaning of this brand is also a philosophy. Rock Experience, in word and deed.


la produzione

Our headquarter is in Lombardy, precisely in Bosisio Parini(LC), near Milan. Our manufacturing facilities are spread out in different parts of the world and are coordinated directly from Italy. Reliability and flexibility are the keys to success for 7TO7.


A highly flexible structure has allowed 7TO7 to become, over the years, an exclusive partner of major brands of sportswear and fashion, thanks to the ability to achieve real and complete collaboration between the R&D team and the customers themselves, during the entire creative and production process.

The range of products treated over the years , ranges from the fashion world to technical-sports for outdoors. Notable productions of jackets, trousers, knitwear, shirts and many more, made for important fashion names known worldwide. 

Next, the phase of specialization in technical products which led from the start very satisfactory results, especially regarding clothing and accessories for skiing, hiking, hunting and fishing (backpack, sleeping bags and much more).

In 2012, 7TO7 decided to put together the experience and knowledge acquired over the years in a new specific project: Rock Experience is a dream come true. The same brand originates primarily from a boundless passion for the mountains and for the emotions it can give, for the outdoors and for the product.

The quality product. Passion and commitment are at the base of the new project. An exceptional team and vast experience are now the strength to face the new challenge, a force that we find at first in Michele Frigerio, president of 7TO7 and supporter of Rock Experience.

Rock Experience has what it takes to become part of the outdoor market, thanks to the high quality products and thanks to it's strong brand identity, which is able to come into full contact with the customer and his outdoor experience.

In order to succeed in this, Rock Experience offers it's consumer a tool to fully enjoy the mountain and it's outdoor spirit. Through the four seasons, Rock Experience is synonymous for "performance and style" and with the new collection, it aims to set a new feel in the outdoor world.

Pioneering spirit, true outdoor passion, a complete management and an excellent production chain: this is the perfect winning mix of Rock Experience.