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Leila Meroi

lailajpgI took my first steps on the Alpi Giulie, the mountains close to home, where I spent my childhood.My life was composed by homework, piano and my love for nature.

The mountain tops of the Alpi Giulie were strong and severe, bordered by a green and ancient forest, but at the same time a connection and a border between people and cultures.

My dream was to become an explorer, as I was galvanized by the tales of those heroic travelers who had made their freedom a lifestyle and a real job.

I like to wander, even if I don't have a destination, exploring spaces, emotions or simply putting myself to the test.

I have a degree in neuroscience and for years I dedicated myself to the scientific research in the Himalayas, finding odd jobs just to pay my way and to be able to apply my studies on the cerebral edema at a high altitude.

And that is how I got to know Asia, making Nepal become my second home and increasing my connection to the earth, returning in a silent and respectful way to the essentials. I loved the simple "base camp" life and it became very hard to return at a low altitude.

Over time, I had to put aside my expeditions to devote myself to a more stable job, helping by brother-in-law in his shop of mountain equipment. It was the climbing period.

So I entered the world of sports climbing, devoting all of my free time to the vertical exploration, between new sensations and old fears. But my love for nature never stopped being strong and with dedication I decided to make my childhood dream come true, becoming a nature guide.

Divided by science and nature, my job now is to turn these passions in moments of sharing. Searching for the soul of the place seemingly lost. To discover how therapeutic it can be to start a new journey....