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Rocco Ravva'

ravva I'm Rocco Ravà, mountaineer and geographer:

I live between Italy and the Sahara where I spent most of my life.

I'm the son of two travelers and since I was a child I was fascinated by the desert as I have traveled it all on a jeep, by foot and on a came, beginning at the age of three with an initial crossing by car from Mombasa to Tunis.

I'm a Sahara guide, I accompanied some scientific expeditions of Thèodore Monod and National Geographic.

In the desert I have collected unique experiences, including a kidnapping made by the Toubou guerrillas.

My relationship with the desert is unique and has made me an expert.

The Sahara has always been part of my life. I started traveling in the desert since I was a child, even without realizing it.

Guiding groups of travelers through the dunes was, and still is, my dad's and my family's job. So, along with my brothers, I spent half of my life in this vast region. With it's charm and it's infinite faces, the desert was my school.

As a child, it's dunes were the most exciting playground. During my adolescence, the Sahara was the adventure land and of my first great responsibilities. The first field where I tested my skills.

The study object at university. And my job today. Almost without realizing it, it taught me to live. I spent many days next to my father who was at the wheel, or in the arms of my mother. And only later, driving a jeep, searching for the right paths.

I spent a lot of time walking with the camels. I slept many nights under the stars. I met unforgettable men in the desert, some of them I just saw them once, others have become inseparable fiends.

I was lucky enough to accompany the numerous trips of Thèodore Monod, the greatest Sahara explorer of the twentieth century, and to listen to his stories. I felt the amazing satisfaction of a good crossing, the fear that I got lost, the fatigue, the hunger and thirst, the talks around the fire, the spirit of the Tuareg, the pride of the Toubou and the hospitality of the Mauri.