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    Technical 4 way- stretch shell fabric. This technology is ideal for all mountain and sport activities requiring lightnesscomfort and breathability. Besides water-repellence, the construction of this fabric helps moisture transfer comfort. Stretch properties ensure a perfect fit.

    Caratteristiche tecniche

    • Excellent stretch properties
    • Warmth and lightness
    • Breathability
    • Water repellence
    • Freedom of movement

    The Clima-tech System is studied to improve the thermal regulation function. The fabric lets moisture easily escape and keep the body warm and at ease. Ideal to be used during all outdoor activities, thanks to its breathability and quickdry properties. For an all-day comfort.

    Caratteristiche tecniche

    • Thermal regulation
    • Breathability
    • Quick-dry
    • Comfort

    4-way stretch highly breathable fabric technology. Power Fleece keeps you dry and comfortable. It provides warmth without added weight. This highly breathable fabric provides an optimal moisture management and guarantees excellent micro-climate conditions. 4-way stretch structure means freedom of movement. Soft touch for an all-day comfort.

    Caratteristiche tecniche

    • 4-way stretch
    • Warmth and lightness
    • Moisture management
    • Freedom of movement
    • All-day comfort

    Ideal for all committed mountain activites, the Wind Break technology offers high-quality windproofing and breathability, combined with extreme lightness. It protects from cold and elements, thanks also to a specific DWR waterrepellent
    treatment. Highly resistant and durable for the best performance and comfort during all mountain sports.

    Caratteristiche tecniche

    • Windproof and water repellent
    • Warmth and lightness
    • Stretch for active comfort
    • Breathable
    • Durability

    The Protech system is developed to offer high performance in protectioncomfort and durability. The fabric is highly abrasion resistant and protects from damages due to the contact with rough surfaces during outdoor activities. Thanks to its valuable stretch properties it guarantees great comfort and freedom of movement.

    Caratteristiche tecniche

    • Protection
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Durability
    • Freedom of movement

    The Storm Block coating technology is engineered for the best performance in waterproofness and water repellency, combined with an excellent durability. Designed for a wide range of activities, it prevents abrasion and increases comfort in all situations. Thanks to the innovative membrane system and the specifically studied protection layer the Storm Block Technology lets moisture vapor escape and prevents rain and wind from penetrating. Undeniable benefits and effectively protective clothing for all mountain activities.

    Caratteristiche tecniche

    • Waterproofness
    • Windproofness
    • Breathability
    • Anti-abrasion
    • High durability

    Merino wool is a lightweight and comfortable material. It has all the benets of wool and protects the body from low temperatures. Merino wool is also a breathable and soft touch fabric with high thermoregulation properties. The wool blend fabric prevents shrinking whilst maintaining the same properties of pure wool.


    ODOR FREE is a treatment that stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria on fabrics. Active only on the material surface, It doesn’t interfere with perspiration or skin’s natural bacterial ora. Clothing and other textile-based Odor free products are safe to use next to the skin. ODOR FREE treatment doesn’t cause any sensitivity or irritation reaction when the garments are worn, It’s skin-friendly and can achieve highly eective odor control performance.


    Tecnopile is a Pontetorto brand that identifies and includes different categories of fleece: basic, micro, super micro and structures all in different weights and looks. Different weights deliver specific thermal insulation properties, up to the point of an almost total wind barrier in the most compact versions. All Tecnopile products are anti-pilling and have high comfort and durability.


    Thermore Ecodown® Fibers is the highest performing, most durable free fiber product. It is setting a new standard in their category and it is designed to provide superior loft, warmth and recovery, thanks to the unique multi-shape structure. Of course, they are animal free and also feature fibers 100% recycled from PET bottles. Ecodown® Fibers also protect the environment by avoiding the use of microfibers which eventually pollute our lakes and oceans and potentially contaminate the food we eat. Ecodown® Fibers are the only free fiber product that does not clump or create cold spots after washing.


    Hang tag dedicated to our sustainable garments, made with 99% recycled materials. Post-consumer recycling allows to effectively contribute to our planet protection, giving new life to PET bottles and other highly polluting materials. The realization of these styles is a clear expression of our company commitment to protect Mother Nature.


    Through the partnership with 1True ID, the new sustainable products by Rock Experience will be linked to a digital DNA to communicate in a simple way the traceability of their supply chain. Through a QR code printed inside the jacket, clients will be able to unlock in each moment information regarding the materials used and discover how and where our clothes are made.


    The commitment of ROCK EXPERIENCE in protecting the Nature extends also in a conscious research of raw materials. Most of our garments are made with PFC-free fabrics. PFC are fluorine-containing chemicals used in breathable membranes, waterproof coatings and finishes. They are extremely pollutant for the environment and dangerous for human and animal health.ROCK EXPERIENCE is getting PFC-free choosing fabrics with alternative treatments that can ensure equal performances to our garments in terms of waterproof or water repellent properties and breathability.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 296 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 296 items